Often a play, and a director, call for realism, to which I oblige. There was still much I could influence, and I wanted to set up the right pretense for this farce. While the play takes place in what could be described as not the richest of club houses, there was something louche about the characters it represented, even in a dated, desperate way. I alluded to the dynamism in bold, specific strokes. While staying away from an abundance of competing naturalistic textures or opulence, I kept the design simple and wanting. I instead focused on the main elements of wood, stone, and my “brand” color, amping their vibrancy and dimension, matching the energy of the characters. 


With this production, the space itself provided most of the challenges, as well as the happy solutions. The lighting is flat and rudimentary and the house is cold and hard, but the audience is very close to the stage and I aimed to wrap them in the saturated den of the set. The ceiling is very low and is usually painted a flat black to signal not to pay it attention, but instead I drew attention to it, painting it white and installing beams in forced perspective.
A moment in the show when astroturf is rolled out for the putting green
The bar, with Greek key pattern on the front face—a nod to the many Greek references in the script

I found that small adjustments to the space went a long way. I needed to create not only several off-stage locations, but discrete locales within the unit set as well. Jutting architecture, like a wall corner or a bar, into the space just enough to break up the room, but not too much to hinder the constant running, actually helped the precarious whirlwind movement of the farce.

Paint elevation of three wall sections
Early sketch of the groundplan
Close ups of the varied textures in progress
Midway through load in, as the ceiling is being painted to encapsulate the space
Painting and dressing nearly complete
Theatre Production

The Fox on the Fairway

Scenic Design / Scenic Charge
Millbrook Playhouse, PA 2019
By Ken Ludwig
Director: Aaron White
Lighting Designer: Caleb Stroman
Costume Designer: Ayrika Johnson
Props Designer: David Singleton
Sound Designer: Chase Hendrickson