“It's a magical world, Hobbes ol' buddy...let's go exploring!”
—Calvin, "Calvin & Hobbes," by Bill Watterson

After growing up and storing her childhood in a trunk, Sheila must return home and face herself. While much of the play leans on magical realism to project the conflicting dreams and personalities Sheila has onto her old stuffed animal Moby and her new six-year-old neighbor, it is a process we all go through to reconcile our inner world. The complexity of external pressures conflicting with childlike naïveté, pragmatism with inner fantasies, is the process of growing up. For Sheila, it was an either/or decision, and she decided to lock away her home and her past and move toward a new future.


As Sheila returns to her childhood house and must unpack all her memories and personalities throughout the play, she is confronted by her new neighbor, Courtney, a representation of her younger self. I embodied this duality by smashing the two neighboring houses together into one, and designed an abstracted, encapsulated idea of “home”—a paradoxical funhouse expression of Sheila’s inner conflict that embraced AND instead of OR.
Early concept with notes
Digital model rendering
Garages mirrored kitchens, offices ran into staircases, moving boxes were portals that led right back to where you started. Impressions of a window or wall or rug, a headboard guarding the fort, an upended desk provides hiding, a trellis can be climbed like stairs because they are in fact also stairs—it was the Synthetic Cubism of a child’s mind. An expansion of Analytic Cubism, Synthetic reclaims objects and uses their power and inherent meaning to create art as object. It also breaks down the institution of art usually depicting a moment in time, and allows the work to be more sensitive to the spirit of a place or a happening—allows the work to find truth in memory.
Paint elevation
Theatre Production

Sheila and Moby

Scenic Design
Flying V, The Writer’s Center, MD 2018
By: Patrick Flynn
Director: Courtney Laine Self
Lighting Designer: Kristin A. Thompson
Props Designer: Kasey Hendricks
Sound Designer: Neil McFadden
Costume Designer: Paris Francesca